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“In Rugby Africa, development is the key word. But what does it really mean to develop ? Today proud of our 38 member unions, we wish to grow the game beyond capital cities, big towns and major clubs. Our work on the field aims at pricking the curiosity of young people and others to introduce them to a sport too often victim of misconceptions.

Without knowing this sport, one tends to believe that it is too violent.

We want to reassure people so that tomorrow rugby becomes a reference in sports and so that the whole of Africa adopts its values of integrity, passion, respect, discipline and solidarity. For this purpose, we cannot be content with only assisting the National teams in 15s or in 7s rugby ; everyone at his own level must be able to find his place and enjoy his own rugby.

Thus our 2 Regional Training Manager, and our 4 Regional Development Officers have been set a clear mission : introducing you to this rather new sport. If you are already familiar with it or even have already practiced, they will still show you that in Africa we don’t do things as anywhere else ! Our team of experts travel throughout the continent to help unions getting structured, organized and to develop the Get Into Rugby project, and women’s rugby. They also participate in some competitions.”