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Get Into Rugby

Get Into Rugby

Get Into Rugby is a program launched by World Rugby, which aims to grow the Game of Rugby across the world in partnership with the regional associations and introduce people globally to Rugby and the values of Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Passion and Discipline which inspire millions of people to play this Game.

Rugby Africa is very proud of its development program which is proving very successful on all the continent. Indeed, Get Into Rugby is a major support for African unions allowing them to grow in a progressive and sustainable way. With more than 44 % of the population under the age of 15 in 2006, Africa is indisputably the youngest region of the world ! It is therefore not too difficult to find amateurs of the oval ball.
Year after year our assessments are more promising. With its program being firmly established in almost all of its union, Rugby Africa is certainly guaranteeing a bright future for Rugby on the continent.

Today, 36 unions are registered and participate actively in the Get Into Rugby project. 316,300 new players have been registered all over Africa since January 1st, 2018. 46 % of these players are girls.
In addition to that, 4700 trainers, teachers and referees were trained in Africa, among others by Regional Development Officers, since the beginning of 2018.

Two Get Into Rugby conferences – North and South – are organized every year to improve the quality of the program, share experiences and identify the various problems.

Since October 1st, 2015, children can enjoy a new program besides Get Into Rugby: I also play referee. Today, 26 unions take part in this project offering the opportunity to children, if they wish to, to referee the matches of their friends. A way to make them know better and appreciate the difficult job of refereeing : 100% rugby values !