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Adama and Mostafa in the Ma...

Adama and Mostafa in the Maghreb

Adama and Mostafa in the Maghreb – Over the last month, the duo Adama Bakhoum and Mostafa Jelti travelled together to Morocco and then Tunisia to deliver different workshops.

In Morocco, the idea was to get in touch with the union and then to conduct training sessions including a match official level 1 course, and a course for strength and conditioning coaches and fifteen-a-side coaches. Rugby in Morocco was at a standstill only a few months ago and now it is trying hard to be on par with the best unions in Africa. The union shows a great interest in training and education programs.

The workshops were more theoretical than practical. Indeed, Adama and Mostafa spent time to explain World Rugby’s and Rugby Africa’s procedures and operations. Then, they discussed coaching, strength and conditioning, refereeing and medical matters. A workshop on long term player development concluded the seminar.

According to our two coordinators, this training was really positive, despite a lack of support from the government.

Flights were paid for by World Rugby while the FRMR took charge of the accommodation.

The 23 coaches (including 3 women), the 9 strength and conditioning coaches and the 25 referees (including 6 women) wish to start the level 2 training before the end of the year. The best learners will also be invited to an educator workshop in 2017.

Then, our two friends flew to Tunisia for a union review. The aim was to assess the progress and the difficulties of the FTR. Bakhoum and Jelti were particularly well welcomed ; the work sessions went very well and many resolutions were taken. The union is already at work to implement some of the decisions made during the meetings.

The meetings came one after another : with the technical managers – NTD, trainer, development officer, women’s rugby officer, medical committee – with the Executive Committee, with the Olympic Committee’s chairman who wished to meet Rugby Africa’s delegation !

Our Rugby Africa’s men said they’re glad they could conduct this review.

The outcomes are positive and they feel confident about Tunisia’s future which has a lot to offer and not much conflict to handle.