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Berthin in Mauritius

Berthin in Mauritius

Berthin in Mauritius – At the end of May, Berthin travelled to Mauritius Island, approximately 1134 km from his native island of Madagascar. His first visit to Port Louis dates back to March 2015, thus this second journey was the opportunity for our Regional Development Officer to evaluate the situation :

  • Awareness on the World rugby’s training
  • Launch of the Get Into Rugby project with teachers training sessions organised in high schools and villages
  • Coaching training level 1
  • Training of 3 trainees

Mauritius is a rather discreet African union, somewhat remote due its geographical situation, making steady progress. Although they won’t boast about it they have achieved a lot like beating big teams such as Kenya 7s ! Berthin thus put emphasis on this island showing strong potential.

The RUM has been a World Rugby and Rugby Africa full member for many years. Last year its fifteen a side rugby team was relegated in group C but feels ready to take on Morocco and Nigeria at the Africa Cup 1C from July 10th to 16th in Casablanca (Morocco).

This year, the program was set up by Berthin and the National technical director of the union :

  • Evaluation of the union in the presence of the vice-president, the NTD, the GIR coordinator and the General Secretary.
  • Visit of the locations for GIR: about twenty available locations among including high schools where Get Into Rugby and “I also play referee” programs are going to be implemented.
  • Visit of the U11/U13/U15/U17 teams who participate in the federal championship.
  • Coaching training level 2 fifteen a side rugby : 3 trainees during 3 days.
  • Visit of the senior teams : the 15s men national team getting ready for the AC 1C whereas the 7s women’s senior was traveling to Reunion Island for a tournament organized on May 22nd where they finished 2nd.

For Berthin’s next visit of Berthin, the union intends to organize a coaching training level 2 as well as a strength and conditioning coach training level 1.

An organization on the right track which has to juggle all the same with horse-races, weddings and multiple baptisms taking place on the weekend and occupying most of the trainees’ time !