“It was an honour to have Jacques Nienaber and Daan Human at our training session,” said Booi. “It means a lot to the team that they made the time to join our field session and we are excited to build on the tips they shared with us on the field.

“This is an important year for us, and it is fantastic to know that we have their support with over seven months to go before the international spectacle.”

Booi was encouraged by the progress the players were making at the training camp and said: “Our training is going well, and we are trying to learn and improve as much as we can every day, which is exciting.

“This time together is important because it is vital that we are all aligned in terms of what we are doing on the field and with regards to our structures and systems.”

The hard-working lock added: “We want to be as well prepared as possible by the time we depart for New Zealand, and being well conditioned and strong mentally are two keys areas in achieving that.”