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Bronze Cup South

Bronze Cup South

Bronze Cup South – Zambia, Mauritius and Rwanda met in a round robin tournament over three matches organised in Lusaka, Zambia.

Following the example of the U20, the Bronze Cup is split in 2 groups :

North :
Cameroon – Algeria – Nigeria

South :
Zambia – Mauritius – Rwanda

The general ranking will be established on a point system after both groups have played. For financial reasons, Rugby Africa won’t organise a match between the winner of the pool A and the winner of the pool B.

In Zambia, the locals won after 2 victories for 2 matches. Following the impressive scores of Zambia, the union has all its chances to be promoted in Silver Cup next year. The North tournament should be played before you get a final answer.



The loser of this Bronze Cup, ranked 6th, will be relegated in Regional Challenge for the next season.

Thank you to the referees and match officials :

Referees : Oscar Lambert (Namibia), Julian Mundawarara (Zimbabwe),

Match commissionner : Neville Heilbron (South Africa)

Citation commissionner : Mudiwa Mundawarara (Zimbabwe)

Mudiwa Mundawarara was kind enough to use his spare time between match days to deliver a very comprehensive course for local citing commissioners.

Sadly, due to internal problem within Cameroon Rugby Union, Rugby Africa had no choice but to cancel the tournament scheduled to take place in June in Cameroon. The union is currently suspended from Rugby Africa’s competitions and we are looking at ways to organise matches between Nigeria and Algeria.

Outside the tournament, life goes on and brings its share of sadness. Indeed, the national team of Zambia  paid tribute to one of its player, who passed away the day of the final against Rwanda. Twist of fate, on the same day, another played got married. The win of his team probably made his day even better.

The big family of rugby also reunited for Romain Cartier, young French player who was between life and death following an accident at work. Abdelaziz Bougja, Africa and more specially this day, Zambia and Rwanda, wished to send him all their support to get better as soon as possible.