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Charles in Mali

Charles in Mali

Charles in Mali – Charles travelled to Bamako, the Capital of Mali from 15 to 19 of February to conduct a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning course. During his visit he took the opportunity to evaluate the Union’s activities and make recommendations on whether the Mali Rugby Union is now in a position to apply for Full Membership of World Rugby.  At the same time Charles also conducted an assessment of the Get Into Rugby program.

In spite of some very difficult circumstances within the country, Rugby activities are progressing with the ‘oval ball’ game being played more and more in the Capital as well as in the north of the country; specifically in Mopti, where there are seven teams participating in a the National Championship and the GIR program continues to grow.

There were a total of 11 participants at this course run under ‘big brother’ Charles’ watchful eye; unfortunately no women participated in this training course which is another challenge the Union faces – to ensure inclusive participation at all levels of the game.

Our RDO was very pleased with the outcome from this visit; he was welcomed by the TND, Executive Members, and Vice President of the Union as well as a representative of the Ministry, all of whom assisted in facilitating Charles’ work.

It was a perfect opportunity to explore different areas and understand the infrastructure of the Union and its activities and highlighted the challenges being faced. Specifically, there are not many playing fields or fields are not easily accessible to children.  In addition, a lack of financial support has hampered the introduction of projects and support of the GIR program. That being said, there are very passionate coaches and educators who are definitely poised to ensure rugby grows in the country.

In Charles’ opinion ; Mali has great potential !

The Mali Rugby Union, who has elections this year, has always been an active and enthusiastic Member of RA. Last year Mali won Africa Cup West – what will be the outcome of this season’s competition ?

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