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Charles in Togo

Charles in Togo

Charles in Togo – At the end of April, Charles Yapo went to Togo. On this occasion, our Regional Development Officer ensured the follow-up of the Get Into Rugby program, 7s rugby coaches’ training Level 1, 15-a-side rugby referees’ training Level 1 and the evaluation of the union.

This was all in continuity after Charles’ first visit to the union I January 2015 when he had already organized a training for level 1 coaches in order to review the principles of the game in attack and in defense and the logic of construction of a session.

For the first training, the trainees were 15 including a woman while for the referees training they were 19 among which 3 women. Each workshop is built around a theoretical phase during the first day to establish the basic principles, the second day is more practical and takes place on the pitch.

These workshops are really helpful to build capacity among refs and coaches. The participants were moreover very active, and willing to learn.

Secondly, Charles organized a meeting to evaluate the union. This gathering was made in the presence of the members of the office to be the most effective. All have participated to the discussions and Charles left Togo reassured about the future of the union. Further to this evaluation, Togo Union’s progresses will be monitored in order to decide whether they could apply for World Rugby full membership or be downgraded to a simple Rugby Africa membership. Indeed, today Togo is a member of Rugby Africa and associate member of World Rugby since 2004, there is thus still a long way to go. Let’s wish them good luck !