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General Assembly in Morocco

General Assembly in Morocco

General Assembly in Morocco – Morocco is one of the founding unions of the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR), now known as Rugby Africa. For a long time among the top African nations of rugby, the country gradually abandoned its pole position to Namibia, Zimbabwe or Kenya before disappearing from the stage.

A few years later, Morocco finds its new wind and a strong desire to make a comeback. The most passionate don’t want this sport to be forgotten. They organize many events in every corner of the country to get children to play rugby. They are only waiting for the support from their union at the time struggling to get back on its feet.

In November, 2015, the Moroccan team is back on the field for the Olympics Qualifiers. The Sevens boys catch the third place in the ranking therefore qualifying for the repechage. An important win brings a new fresh motivation to a whole country made proud of its team once again.

On this high note and to further the progresses of the union, the FRMR organized on January 9th, 2016 in Casablanca, an Ordinary General Assembly. The meeting was held in the presence of Khaled Babbou – Rugby Africa’s Executive committee member.

Following this General Assembly, Tahar Boujouala was elected for his second term at the head of the union. He will this time be assisted by Nasser Bougja for the coming 4 years.

President : Tahar Boujouala
Delegated president : Nasser Bougja
Vice-president: Samir Ghazali
General Secretary : Mohamed Erraji
General Secretary assistant : Abderahim Younsi
General treasurer : Mohamed Bahkane
Assistant treasurer : Mostafa Ghaloua
Assessor in charge of mission : Omar Hamdi and Driss Boujouala
Assessor : Fatima Oufkir Hama, Mohamed Talsi, Mohamed Kaarach, Hassan Moukit, Rachid Mouakkad, Mostafa Guerrouj.

The first meeting of the office will be held on January 16th in Casablanca.

After more than 3 years of suspension, there will be a fair amount of work to bring the union up to standard again. Be as it may, the union can count on the unfailing support of a whole country too happy to witness the revival of the game on its soil ! From now on there is a strong commitment from the FRMR to comply with all rules and regulations governing rugby in Africa.