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Fatma El-kindiy

My motto is “making the possible of the impossible”. I got into rugby in 2015, and it was more of a dare to myself. I was very nervous at first, but rugby gave me a voice to become confident and I was able to use it in my daily life.  I wanted to impart my skills and knowledge to young girls and open up to issues affecting them. I designed an initiative that is called “A try for change”, which is a self –development training program targeted at guiding young girls to find their life’s purpose and helping them through rugby to take the first steps in their lifelong journey of learning in a chosen field. I would like more girls not to only join rugby, but to be able to express themselves and become future leaders.

FESTIVE MESSAGE: From myself and behalf of the Botswana Rugby Union I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and remember to stay safe. 

Country: botswana Age: 37 Current Main Role: Women’s Committee member - Communications Manager Previous & Other Roles: Player Languages: Swahili, English