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Update for supporters

Update for supporters

Why is the competition taking place in France?

The organizing committee France 2023, responded to the call for bids issued by Rugby Africa in 2021 for the organization of the Rugby Africa Cup 2022.

Through the hosting of this competition and one year before the tournament, France 2023 wanted to promote the Rugby World Cup 2023 in a host region.

Given its vision and ambition, France 2023 wanted to set up a strong heritage program. The Rugby World Cup must also serve to promote rugby in emerging territories, whether in France or abroad.

The safety and well-being of the players is as always, one of the priorities of Rugby Africa. In Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, the teams benefit from excellent reception conditions in order to offer a high level of performance on the field. The tournament also benefits from an excellent visibility, especially through media partners and broadcasters.

Why are the matches not broadcast on Rugby Africa’s social channels?

African rugby is developing and becoming more professional. It is with this in mind that the broadcasting rights of the matches have been acquired by several television.

African rugby is constantly attracting new fans throughout the world. The will of Rugby Africa is therefore to extend the media coverage to new territories. This is done step by step but the development of this sport on the African continent is moving forward.

The broadcasting of the Rugby Africa Cup 2022 on several television channels is great news for the teams and unions. It allows them to reach a wider audience and showcase the richness of their game. If African rugby becomes more professional, it will also be able to attract new partners, allowing the game to grow and players to meet more regularly and safely.

Where can we watch the matches?

In France and in sub-Saharan Africa, the television coverage is provided by Canal +. In South Africa by SuperSport, in Kenya by K24, in Uganda by NBS Sport and finally in Zimbabwe by ZBC. Rugby Africa wanted to offer the widest possible range of broadcasting on the African continent.

If we are in a country where the matches are not televised, what can we do?

No Facebook, YouTube or live broadcasts will be offered for the matches. The rights have been acquired by the television channels and do not allow Rugby Afrique to broadcast the matches by its own means. On the other hand, the sending of live scores is ensured on the official channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. In addition to that, behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive interviews will be published.

Rugby Africa’s will is to extend and diversify the television offer to new territories in the future.


Crédit photo : Alexandre Dimou – Alexpress / France 2023