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Eleven African under-20 nat...

Eleven African under-20 national teams will compete in three groups of the U20 Barthes Cup for a place in the 2019 Junior World Trophy

The 2019 Rugby Africa competition season will be launched by the U20 Barthes Cup which takes place from April 4th to May 12th, 2019

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, April 4, 2019/APO Group/ –At the General Assembly held in Marrakesh on March 2nd, all of the Rugby Africa ( stakeholders agreed that the focus needs to be on the long-term future and therefore they have decided to expand the under-20s competition. The young people of Africa are its greatest resource. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, one-third of the world’s population aged between 15 and 29 will be living in Africa. This presents a huge opportunity to be seized now by Rugby Africa to boost African rugby.

This is why, this year, the competition has increased the number of national teams from eight to eleven, organised into three groups. This format will create a greater impact for the whole continent and dividing the teams into groups graded by level will encourage the young teams to excel each year. The national federations have taken up the challenge of promoting junior rugby, which is why we see new teams forming every year.

“The youth of Africa is our greatest wealth and our top priority! The organisation of a junior competition in Africa represents a major strategic opportunity,” the president of Rugby Africa, Khaled Babbou, declared.

This new season also marks the start of our partnership with Societe Generale, an ardent ally in the development of rugby throughout the world.

In 2019, the U20 Barthes Cup will be contested by three groups graded by level, with 4 teams in each of Groups A and B and 3 teams in Group C. These groups have been established according to the 2018 rankings. As a result, Group A, which will compete in Nairobi from the April 4-7th, will be made up of teams from Kenya, Tunisia, Namibia and Senegal. The winner of this group will be entitled to participate in the Junior World Trophy 2019, while the losing team will be relegated to Pool B in 2019.

The matches of Group B will take place between the 17th and 20th of April in Harare, Zimbabwe and will played by teams from Morocco, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and, of course, Zimbabwe. The same rule applies as for Group A: the winner will be promoted to Group A and the losers will be relegated to Group C in 2019.

Group C matches will be held in Kampala, Uganda where the emerging teams of Ghana, Zambia and Uganda will compete for a place in Group B in 2019. The losing team from this group will be replaced by a new junior team in 2019. “The U20 Group C tournament will be hosted at Kyadondo Rugby Club. Africa can look forward to an exciting week of rugby and a festival to crown it all. We welcome you all to Kampala,” the Rugby Africa Vice-President, Andrew Owor, promised.

The World Rugby Junior Trophy, for its part, is an annual international competition involving 8 teams, including the host team, the relegated World U20 Championship team – from the top division – and 6 regionally qualified teams. Last year in Romania, Namibia succeeded in picking up a 4th place win.

Match Programme for the U20 Barthes Cup:


4th April 2019:

13.30 – Namibia v Senegal

15.30 – Tunisia v Kenya

Stadium:  Kenya Commercial Bank Sports Club, Nairobi

7th April 2019:

16:00 – Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2

18:00 – Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2

Stadium:  Kenya Commercial Bank Sports Club, Nairobi

GROUP B                 

17th April 2019: 

13.30 – Zimbabwe v Ivory Coast

15.30 – Morocco v Madagascar

Stadium:  Police Grounds, Harare

20th April 2019:

10.00 – Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2

12.00 – Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2

Stadium:  Police Grounds, Harare

GROUP C                 

7th May 2019: 

17.00 – Ghana v Zambia

Stadium:  Kyadondo Rugby Club, Kampala

10th May 2019:

17.00 – Uganda v Ghana

Stadium:  Kyadondo Rugby Club, Kampala

20th April 2019:

14.00 – Zambia v Uganda

Stadium:  Kyadondo Rugby Club, Kampala

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