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Rugby Africa Gold Cup

Rugby Africa Gold Cup

Rugby Africa Gold Cup – Africa simply can’t wait for this tournament to begin ! The 6 best teams of Africa will indeed compete during a 7 week long tournament, all over the continent.

From June 24th to August 5th, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Uganda, Kenya and Senegal will play home or away matches. Each will try to win the trophy but most of all to avoid relegation in Silver Cup as this would mean the end of the 2019 World Cup dream. Indeed, next year the Rugby Africa Gold Cup will represent the final Rugby World Cup Qualifier round. The winning team of the 2017 Silver Cup will be promoted in Gold Cup and vice versa. The team relegated in Silver Cup will have no chance to participate to the RWC in Japan.

The RA Gold Cup is the brand new format of the Africa Cup 1A. More competitive and longer, the competition will reveal the uncontested best team of Africa, through a series of home or away matches affording each team the opportunity to play at home.

Emotions will be running high for the teams especially for those not accustomed to the top division. Yet they all stand a chance. Each team deserves  their spot in the Rugby Africa Gold Cup owing to their good results of the 2016 season. Last year, Senegal and Tunisia were promoted in the Rugby Africa Gold Cup.

This year will be special since for the first time in Rugby Africa’s existence, all matches of the Gold Cup will be broadcasted live. Thanks to our new partner, Kwese Sports, the matches of the Gold Cup will be broadcasted on free-to-air television. The channels Kwese Sports are available in a growing number of Sub-Saharan countries, and if not the games will be accessible via the mobile app everywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.