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Lady Cranes’ first training...

Lady Cranes’ first training camp to end Today


The Uganda XV women’s rugby team (Lady Cranes) training camp comes to an end Today.

The 8-day camp which featured 31 players had 2 trial games from which the management of the team was able to identify areas of major focus.

“This camp has given us a needs assessment  for the team, their capabilities, their strengths and what we should focus on. Some players sustained minor injuries but we have a recovery plan that has been put in place.” – Lady Cranes Coach Leonard Lubambula

The management of the Lady Cranes XV team has confirmed 24th May 2021 as the date for official release of the selected squad for the next training camps.

Lady Cranes squad in camp:

1.Doreen Sijali
2.Salamusida Babirye
3.Patricia Anek
4.Teddy Iwutung
5.Zauma Nashuha
6.Kirabo Sarah
7.Mercy Adongpiny
8.Peace Lekuru
9.Rita Nadunga
10.Bushara Namutebi
11.Diana Kwagala
12.Asher Nakityo
13.Agnes Nakuya
14.Julie Nandawula
15.Faith Namugga
16.Lyton Nakabugo
17.Auma Mary
18.Charity Atimango
19.Mary Gloria Ayot
20.Lydia Namabiro
21.Masitula Nambozo
22.Rachel Mufuwa
23.Winnie Nabulo
24.Yvonne Najjuma
25.Grace Auma
26.Christine Akello
27.Saamiya Ayikuro
28.Winne Atyang
29.Charlotte Mudoola
30.Peace Mirembe
31.Maimuna Nassozi