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Rugby Africa Q&A with Rafatu Inusah

As one of 12 Rugby Africa Unstoppables Rafatu Insusah, Ghana’s rugby captain, is not only a true inspiration on the field, but off the field as well. This talented woman in rugby has showed through experience that if you believe in yourself and your abilities anything is possible, and her roles as a Ghana Board member, president of the Northern Rugby Association, Get Into Rugby manager and Educator, rubberstamps her abilities and passion for the game of rugby.

Her dedication to women’s rugby and passion for the sport, makes her Rugby Africa’s next Women in Leadership.

Rafatu took a few minutes of her time to answer a few questions for Rugby Africa.

  • What inspired you to be so involved in rugby and off the field?

Rugby is a sport that encourages teamwork, equity and looking out for your team mates.

  • Since you occupy a number of roles in rugby, what do you enjoy most about the game?

 I particularly gravitate towards mentorship as my strength lies in encouraging girls/ women to dream big and live it!

  •  How did your journey begin in rugby, and what it did it take to get you where you are now?

I was formally introduced to rugby by Idas, who was the President of the club. From there, I immediately I fell in love with it. I did not allow prejudice of any kind to pull me back. Particularly individuals who assumed minority groups should not be allowed to advance their skill set when it came to rugby.

Nonetheless, Herbert Mensah who is the GRFU President has allowed for my own personal growth and many others as his values are that we are all equal beings.

  • What were the greatest challenges you faced in your career to date?

 Having to always prove that I am enough as a women to the other gender, whilst warding off any sort of social media attacks. Primarily because I am a woman, and deeply invested in the sporting industry.

  •  As an Unstoppable for Africa what has changed for you and has it helped in any way to progress the women’s game in Ghana?

The change for me has been through being recognized for my potential and this has empowered me enough to be able to set goals that I achieve, which allow me to step into new terrain with more exciting hurdles to overcome.

  • What is your vision for women’s rugby in the next 10 years in Ghana and in Africa as a whole?

In the next few years, I would love to experience the expansion of women’s rugby in Ghana and across the continent. I would also like more females to realize that this game is for us all.

  • Who are your role models (and why)?

 People who send strong in who they are and never give up on the goals they set.

  •  Is there a specific women’s cause that is close to your heart (what is it and why)?

 Mentoring children would be something that is dear to my heart, as they are the future

  •  What advice would you give to women and girls who would like to take up roles in rugby and off the field?

Having a strong self-belief and never giving up. Whilst knowing that the obstacles are set to not dissuade us, but reminder us that our superpower is withing us.