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The experts in Madagascar

The experts in Madagascar

The experts in Madagascar – Madagascar is recognized since many years for its rich rugby culture. It also entertains a close relationship with France and the French Federation of Rugby. This year, the FFR agreed to send 2 of its experts on the island. Their mission, if they accepted it : train two elite groups (20 referees and 20 coaches) as well as the pre selected Makis players for the season 2017.

This is how, in July 2016, Philippe Marguin, writer of the “Rugby tactics” went to Madagascar. On site, he focused on scrum technique. Indeed, the forwards are not the strong point of the Makis, rather known for their capacity to play fast with many passes.

Their unusual body built for rugby players isn’t producing good scrum technicians. So, a training was very welcome !

Then, from November 8th to 12th, the expert Francis Costa went to the red island. National technical officer within the FFR for many years, he delivered a course including many subjects. General movement, referees’ strength and conditioning, line-out, ruck, kick and counter-attack were the themes broached during this high level workshop.

At the same time practical and technical, this training enabled the Malagasies to evaluate themselves and improve where needed. Our 2 experts were helped by the Technical National Director of the Malagasy Rugby Union, Antsoniandro and the training manager, Jocelyn Ravelonahianale. The CCA’s chairman was in attendance, as well as Berthin Rafalimanana, Regional Development Officer at Rugby Africa.

The objectives of these trainings were to increase the rugby level in Madagascar and to raise the coaches to a level 3. The various groups were able to exchange feedback to ensure standardized outcomes.