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Interview with Patience

Interview with Patience

Discover Patience ! A young rugby player who discovered this sport thanks to our “Youth Unstoppables ” program !

  1. How old were you when you started playing rugby? How the idea to play rugby came into your mind? Tell us your story!

I started playing rugby at the age of 12 years. The GIR team lead by Rafatu Inusah came by our school to take teach us about the sport. I immediately fell in love with the game and was intrigued by the fact that the game is played with the ball in hand unlike football. I started focusing on it more and always looked forward to the arrival of the GIR team.

When people around me realized that I am determined to take my participation in the game to another level, they tried to stop me. One of the main reasons they kept giving me was that the game was meant for boys only!

This even pushed me closer to the game and I am glad I stuck with my passion for the sport! 

  1. Do you have a hero / rugbywoman that inspired you in your personal development as a rugby player and that you wanna follow in the same steps ?

Yes, Portia Woodman! 

I really want to be like her; she is a  smart, faster and good in making tries. That is why I want to follow her footsteps.

  1. Do you agree if we say that rugby is like the « school of life? (Regarding values and educational language that transmits, respectful behaviour and team spirit) If yes, can you develop?

Yes, I agree to the saying that “rugby is like school of life” every player needs to be focused and conduct his/herself in the right and proper manner as per the code of conduct. It encourages us to achieve goals and academic performance. Every position played in helps one to create focused, improve on their skill and keep you thinking on your feet. Even boost your final academic score. This is aside the physical benefits of playing rugby.

  1. How much you would estimate the respective parts of a win between mental and physical? Between technics and tactics? Between individual feats and team power? Could you argue a bit, based on your personal experience?

I think being physically strong without the mental fortitude will not guarantee you a win. Tactics and techniques go hand in hand, and one needs to be on top of both to succeed.

With the issue of individual feats and team power, on individual can be sole winner in any team sport; team power is the best and surest way to win. 

  1. What’s your feeling about the growing success of rugby in Africa, and in particular women’s rugby, and the impact it might have on the young generation?

The game is growing steadily but it needs to be pushed more especially when it comes to the women. There are a lot of challenges women in the sport face and sometimes these challenges become a stumbling block for people to participate in the sport.

If special attention is not given to women’s rugby, the young generation might end up overlooking it as a sport.

  1. Ghana Men Team won over Algeria in the latest 2021 Africa Cup 22-20 but as they got a defensive bonus point and after won over Uganda in the final match, they made their way to the 3rd and final round of Africa Cup to be held in France in July 2022, competing to reach the last seat of the pool A with New-Zealand, host country France, Italy and Uruguay for RWC 2023. D’you think Algeria can create a surprise and be the happy one? Or Namibia will be again the other African team with South Africa to defend its colors? What are your bets?

My bet is on Namibia!

  1. Last question, what can we wish for you?

Great success in my playing career and the success of Ghana Rugby Football Union.


Thank You Prudence !!