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Mostafa in Morocco

Mostafa in Morocco

Mostafa in Morocco – We don’t always realize how big a country Morocco actually is. Indeed, 530 kms separate Mostafa Jelti, from Oujda where he lives from Rabat the capital of the country. It’s by car that our Regional Development Officer will travel to the big city, on January 16th for a coach training level 2.

Level 2 takes one year to be achieved. It allows the interns to reach a skill level which will be rewarded by a diploma from World Rugby.

This workshop will increase the candidates’ knowledge, improve their coaching methodology, and even serve as a refresher course around the rugby values. How to prepare a training session, team management and players safety will be on the menu of the course.

Following this training, an evaluation will be organized in September 2017. In the meantime, the interns will have to manage a team and will be advised by an educator.

Fact sheet

Date and place

The workshop will take place in the Royal institute of training in Salé, Rabat (Morocco) during January 16th to 18th.
The accommodation and food will be covered by the Morocco Rugby Union.

The module

M1 : Rugby values.
M2 : Training – method, planning, general movement and maul, structured game (static phases + game launch)
M3 : Attack and defence principal
M4 : Analysis of the key factors.
M5 : Analysis of each position’s role
M6 : Basis of Refereeing and medical care

Goal and organization 

Level 2 is a specialisation cycle addressed to the coaches who have already validated their 1st degree. The course include :

  • • Rugby knowledge
  • • Theoretical and pratical teaching methods
  • • New information about refereeing, first aid and doping
  • • Interns taking the lead on some sessions

26 interns will be attending the workshop.

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